Condensed Blaze from Pearl

It covers an area of 32 mu, with East Lake Square as its center, including functional zones such as cruise terminal, grand music fountain, waterside platform, grand ring-shaped corridor, green sloping lawn, ginkgo garden, fibre-optical map, ect.. The main statue in the entry symbolizes the rapid development and brilliant future of golden Pinghu. On both sides of the main statue, there are four sets of white marble sculptures: Liangzhu Culture, Luji Carrying Orange, Confucius’ Lecture, Start of A Dream in Red Mansions’s Spreading Abroad, telling people the long history and splendid culture of golden Pinghu. The whole environment style reflects the proper combination of modern and traditional elements and the perfect unification of natural and human environment, expressing the continuity of history and culture. Close to two flourishing shopping streets, the Renming Road, and Xinhua Road, this area is the most convenient place for people to go sight-seeing and take a break, therefore named the Little Bund of Pinghu.