Parrot Lake Spring Scenery

It is the most beautiful one of the eight, the name referring to the beauty of spring scenery of East Lake, while Parrot Lake indicating East Lake. It covers an area of 24 mu. A poem from Gao Tingmei, a man in Qing Dynasty says: I live beside Parrot Lake, and the grass is green in Parrot Island. The green water of spring makes the place like Nanpu, and hope that you won’t leave this beautiful place. East Lake in spring presents brilliant scenery with oil-like water flowing, flowers contending in beauty, and tourist boats shuttling, which is a touching sight. A poem named Parrot Lake Spring Scenery written by Li Dongyang, A man in Ming Dynasty, says: Parrot Lake becomes green when spring comes, and turns deep when spring goes. Water waves flow with green grass, and birds sing in fair woods. I prefer learning the coming and going of spring even alone, living in the land of this Parrot Lake. He was deeply attracted by the scenery of East Lake, hoped to settle here. It is an open area beside the lake for citizens to enjoy the scenery. The scenic spots here are New Moon above Distant Mountain Room, Street Flower Hallway, etc..