Xipu Fishing Net

Pinghu is a beautiful land of plenty in Southern China, while fishermen's fishing production accounting for a large proportion, therefore, Xipu Fishing Net was one of the Ten East Lake Scenic Spots in ancient times. The fishing net used here is a square-shaped net supported by bamboo. The scenic spots in this area are: Small Island, East Lake Fishing Village, etc.. Small Island on which now a great number of egrets dwell is an original ecological landscape zone, mainly for the planting of  woody plants like shrubs and trees. East Lake Fishing Village, Xipu Fishing Net’s Phase 2 scenic spot, surrounded on three sides by water, mainly consists of four entertainment space, the sight-seeing area, fishing club area, leisure fishing area, and lake scenic area. With quiet and elegant environment, Xipu Fishing Net has become a great place to enjoy leisure time, suitable for people to go outing in spring and getting cooling in summer.