Ming lake

Ming Lake stretches north to Caodui Road, east to Wenwei Road, south to Huaiju Road and west to Xinhua Road. It has a total area of 323323,000 square meters, wherein 204,800 square meters of land area and 118,200 square meters of water area and 236,400 cubic meters of water volume. There are eight landscapes around the lake: Emerald sea pool, scenery in spring and autumn, winter sweet in Huating, story of Wuyuan, Boating in Caidui, Neo-Sunshine in North River, Elegant flower stream, Lotus in wind.

"Ming Lake" contains three meanings: It not only highlights its brilliant future which is bright like the sun and the moon, but also implies the history of Pinghu County in Ming Dynasty. It reflects the shape of the lake is like the combination of sun and moon. The lake is located in the south of Pinghu government, which also expresses a better vision.