Nancun Book Pile

It covers an area of 25 mu, and the name of it written on the stone-made memorial archway in the entry was inscribed by Jia Cang, a famous Calligrapher. The antithetical couplet on both sides of the archway pillars is excerpted from the one on East Lake Playing Bead Pavilion of Qing Kangxi Dynasty. The first line of the couplet is: there are so many talented people in famous scenic places. The second line is: there is no such a good landscapes elsewhere. In Yuan Dynasty(1341-1368), a Pinghu local called Zhang Hong, surnamed Nancun, liked collecting and reading books. His book collection reached thousands of volumes, so he piled soil into a hill on which he built pavilions and buildings to read books, enjoy scenery, and give lectures. That’s why this place was named Nancun Book Pile. It is the place with the most classical flavor of the eight scenic areas of East Lake. The main scenic spots of this area are Sight-seeing Tower, Ten Firs Pavilion, Hall of Fame, Shiqi Bronze Statue, etc..